Wealth – is it really inside of you? From sex cells to success

              I choose to begin with thanking you for being so brave. So brave to live in this world and so brave to choose to redefine your beliefs about wealth. There’s an incredible variety of information available everywhere about how to create more wealth in your life, and we are in a constant search for more and more.

Why do we need to accumulate more information, more knowledge, more experiences, more money, more thrills?

What if all the information meant to guide us to enjoying a prosperous life is within us?

What if our health was really our wealth guide?

What if actually love is the answer…even to the quest for abundance?

The unbearable quest for love is over

We don’t know yet how to love unconditionally without sacrificing ourselves. Being conscious and loving is still described as making compromises and sacrifices to bring proofs for our love. We are accused that we want it simple and we give up easily.

I believe that is true, but it’s reflecting a superficial, behavioral reality. What happens deep inside of us all, as humanity, is a big opening to love, as a lifestyle.

It is the love for helping other people, protecting them or connecting them, that fueled this big IT&Tech evolution.

It’s a desire to connect, to co-create, to get inspired and share our life with other people that burst the expansion of social media.

We give up easily and feel inadequate simply because we forgot that love is the one that welcomed the new era. So love is already here, manifesting through all that is. You just need to readjust your lenses to a deeper truth, one that shows you that you are already who you want to become. And one that shows you that you belong here.

What if instead of looking for love in all the things we do …we just look at love in all the things we do?

I wrote this because I love you.

You are reading this because you love yourself enough to look for multiple sources of inspiration to grow.

We have beautiful shelters and we organize ourselves in groups in order to evolve as a collective.

We are all unique and different as we are here to experience the union of polarities.

We act in spite of all kind of fears, we adapt and we initiate change to experience all aspects of life. And love.

We are becoming more competent than ever before to solve any problem one might have.

We explore creativity to bring joy and success into our life.

We make a living to welcome more lifes to come.

We are already living in LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER.

The message of the creation

You must have already heard a dozen times that all you need is within you. It’s a liberating thought, but it brings a mist of confusion around it.

I invite you to look at the creation as a power. The power to make something real, whether it’s a project, a business, a house, a system, a baby… Whatever you can imagine, you have the power to create. But does all this power stand in the business, the house, the object of what you desire to create? Or is it something from the inside, an aspect of our being that has the ability to make anything happen?

The real power is in ourselves, in the way we perceive the world and it’s directly influenced to the energy bank we choose to connect to.

The simplest way of explaining how to manifest what is possible for you is having a clear intention of what you want and the matching energy. This gives you focus mixed with pleasure and deep satisfaction of being involved in something. It gives you FLOW.

And when you catch yourself in this flow, in working towards your dreams, witness how incredibly competent you seem to be at doing what you love. Would you say that the feelings and emotions that give you energy are enthusiasm, flexibility, awareness, eficiency, fulfillment? What would you add to the list?

Your logic and your creativity are co-creating at their best.

So why are you still wondering if you’re on the right path? Why do you feel you need to make compromises in order to be loved? Aren’t you already living in LOVE?…. IN LOVE with your self, IN LOVE with your significant other, IN LOVE with what you are creating, IN LOVE with bringing love to other people’s life?

I believe that the simple choice to create your life is an expression of LOVE.

And this brings me to what it means to create… life. If you open a bubble above your head and imagine a sperm cell entering an egg, not the whole thing, just this simple image, you get to the essence of it all. I chose this metaphor because… what creates more abundance than life itself?

The beautiful balance of Giving and Receiving

The power to create, as we defined it above, is described in its pure magic when two sex cells unite to make another cell. It is also called fertilization.

So why do we keep defining our power of creation through what we accumulate? Why are we so focused on accumulating wealth and material possessions, instead of matching our vibrations to what we want to manifest, fertilizing our thoughts with elevated emotions?

The story is simple, in order to manifest you need to find the right „thing” to co-create with. Not one cell creates life without a stimulus, an interference with what is outside of it.

And the magic is that we, as humans, are capable of creating life, another human, through the power of 2 cells. And the same script is on when we want to create life through the power of our intentions and our energies participate together in doing that.

Important insight: It’s the balance of giving and receiving that keeps us in the flow. Giving our ideas to the world and knowing there is a receptive space for them. A sperm cell has success if it carries itself in that fertilizing environment and KNOWS it will find a receptive cell, ready and open to receive its gifts. It felt attracted to invest it’s energy there.

The sex cells don’t spend time with doubt or disbelief. They don’t calculate routes. Sometimes they „catch and release” the moment. They are so simple and they carry all the information they need in their own DNA. You could say to a cell: All you need is within you! and it’s true! Their evolution is or isn’t sustained by the healthy environment they merged in, but they have the information to grow, survive, adapt and strive.

…If instead of the sperm cell we look at our intentions, how would we act if we knew there is a receptive space in the universe to give life to our dreams? Where would we go and who would we spend our time with, knowing we are co-creating all the time with the energies around us?

There is no space for compromises in this scenario as they don’t lead to creation. Compromises make you avoid going right on target and they’re very contagious.

…If instead of the egg we look at our dreams, who do we need to become in order to let our vision manifest through us? To receive all the guidance, opportunities, gifts of life and open up to abundance? …to allow ourselves to feel all these emotions and support life. There’s no room for „it’s too much” when you have deep appreciation for the meaningful relationship you develop in the process of co-creation. And I mean appreciation, not expectations!

To wrap it up, CO-creation comes with the perfect balance of giving and receiving. So do life and your dreams. If you are always giving your time and ideas to others and don’t receive the fruits, you get out of balance, your body weakens and you might get bankrupt. On the other hand, if you are always receiving and you don’t offer, you might not get to know the beauty of delivering joy to yourself and others, the energy that comes from generosity.

Competence and confidence

Another insight from the sex cells. You must know you already have the competence and the confidence to give and receive in order to have success.

Experiencing life is actually expressing your unique way of taking action towards your dreams and going all the way! You must feel pleasure doing your job, sometimes you need to work hard and you might need other people to be involved, too.

Whether we are talking about babies, relationships or projects, co-creating implies we are all teachers for each other. We inspire each other with our own sense of freedom and faith, we share our DNA. And this easy spreading energy is the confidence, knowing that the path we are following is the right path. This is also the spirit of competence, knowing we are safe and we are working fueled by our own power of love, of creating.

So whenever you find yourself believing that you don’t know enough about how to manifest your dreams, whenever you feel lazy, frustrated or disappointed, just disconnect from that vibe. Don’t allow yourself to co-create these collective consciousnesses and make sure you fill with love the place you leave behind. With unconditional love, that leaves no room for compromises or expectations. Because if you choose to deliberately feel laziness, frustration, anger or whatever came in your journey of creating success, in a way or another you fear you won’t have love if you have success.

Because you forgot you want to have success as you love yourself already.

Your job is to find a way to connect to those people you love at the very same level of vibration you feel for them: LOVE. And remember you don’t need to be in tune with their lower emotions in order to feel like you belong, that you are worthy of their love.  Just work on YOUR ABILITY to feel extreme love and joy and they can hop on the wave, if they want.

The era of information, a fairy and a ferry

              This article is another piece of inspiration born from the intention to assist you in falling in love with life, but don’t let this appear and disappear like a fairy. Don’t put this in the drawer of lucky insights looking for another fairy-like material / experience that gives you some hope and thrills.

We have been cruising deep in the abundance of information from the internet, in the city life and extreme variety of choice. What we actually crave for is a lovely, loving lifestyle. An attitude that will drive us to success as a trust worthy ferry.

In the middle of your busy life find a moment to make a decision and see your world from the perspective of its primal loving intention: Expansion of consciousness. Write down your thoughts, let your hand fill a whole piece of paper with what you love in your life and make sure you talk more about those aspects which were not so obvious in the beginning.

Writing down from a space of awareness, of love for all that is, will fill your heart more than the instant gratification of the next thing you might do. Doing it now shows your being that YOU ARE READY TO SEE THE LOVE. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THE LOVE. And so you are creating, with the power of your attention.

Follow the next 5 simple steps to connect with this reality. Write them down or say it out loudly:

  • 10 things you love about yourself
  • 10 things you love about your partner
  • 10 things you love about your environment
  • 10 things you love about a significant moment you are about to create
  • Rinse and Repeat … as a habit of success.

You might choose to confess to others about your shiny list and let them know about the wealth you are creating. Teach them how to connect with their WHY, with what they love. Follow your mission and share your gifts with the world…. As, in order to live an abundant life, you must take responsibility for your part of creating wealth in the whole system.

Gratitude is the bridge between you and what you love and generosity is the attitude for success.

Design Your LeaderShip style with grace!

Happy new year to you all!





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