Why mornings are about THE PAST?

„I have never been a morning person”, I used to say to all those who had the relentless hopeless job of waking me up in the morning. Parents, friends, clocks, cool watches, series of 10 alarms in a row, colleagues, bosses, partners, angels, guides, even my higher self…they have all given up this useless pursuit of seeing my dreamy body in a vertical position before 9AM.

„I was born late, that’s why I am so eleven o’clockish.”

„It is always cold in the morning!”

„I feel sick in the morning, I am tired and it’s too hard to get out of bed!”

„I just don’t know what to do in the morning! it’s always too early to do anything!”

„It’s because of my mother!”

„I need a masaaaaaage!”

„I am just going to meditate… just a little bit…right here, in the bed….”


One of the aspects of being an entrepreneur is creating your own schedule, organizing tasks by your own and…. the possibility to get up at any hour. Instead of waking up shouting and singing „Freeeeeedoooooom!!”, I let my mind wander in the morning, in the illusion that sleeping as much as I want is a treat, a gift for myself and a real expression of freedom.

Is it really so?

We have been programmed to live in a jam packed life since we were way too young, hardly spending time with our family and rushing to a job that is sometimes too demanding or simply not for us. We ended up craving so much for holidays, for an extra nap, for another cookie, for the latest phone/ car/ gadget, for any kind of expression of freedom.

The question is: Why do we carry this burden every day?

              I realized that when I wake up in the morning, I see only the past. I see the mornings that I couldn’t get out of bed, I feel the body that wasn’t stretched enough the previous days and feels cold, I hear the alarm clock that was already on snooze, I see the things that I could have done the previous weeks and were all postponed for today, I see the kiss that I didn’t get to give to my beloved as he’s already on his mission, on time.

We are so used to planning and setting our mind for success, installing habits of productivity, reading a book about overcoming resistance, fighting with postponing and this chews a lot of our time every day. The reason why we are in this constant search for the best tool for us is because we haven’t accepted the past. We haven’t made peace with the fact that sometimes life brings us weird or even fucked up experiences and we give them all kinds of meaning, we try to justify why it all happened to us, instead of just letting them go.

We judge ourselves by what we could have done better and we are upset because we are focusing on things that are not in our life. We are never upset for the late mornings or missed appointments, but for the whole history of unstable emotions that roll up and get active in our vibration.

The first step to creating change is ACCEPTING the reality and seeing the truth as it is. You might need some help at the beginning from a supporting friend, coach or community, from people who have been on the same journey and are able to give you advice or…just compassion.

The simple fact of witnessing others accepting us in a moment when we reject ourselves is liberating. It only takes courage to show up as we are and not hide…in our bed. By accepting help, by accepting the differences between us, by sincerely wanting the highest good for all and by doing the best we can, we ensure we are connected with empowering emotions.

The simple choice of waking up early in the morning for an „eleven o’clocky” person might mean accepting life. The energy that comes out of this action feels for the spirit as a real manifesto of freedom from the past constraints.

By accepting the differences between us, by sincerely wanting the highest good for all and by doing the best we can, we ensure we are connected with empowering emotions and we act from the best energy for us.

Are you comfortable to get uncomfortable?

I have been chasing so much other people’s dreams trying to fit in this society and its rhythm and I started to value too much being comfortable. That’s why my business model feels really good. I created my own lifestyle, I have clients at hours that are comfortable for me and I designed my day to be able to be productive, creative and up to date with what I want to study.

Even if I felt easy, I realized I wasn’t using my energy very wise. When I became too comfortable I asked for support in order to make a lasting change from a space of love. I got a buddy to get up and install new habits and I meditate in the morning. I give myself time to feel PEACE and sometimes this contemplation / prayer / rumination about life takes 5 minutes, sometimes it takes 3 hours. The power is in the commitment to do it until the feeling that All is well installs. And there is only one secret: DO IT EVERY DAY.


Who could you become if you dedicate at least a minute in the morning to plant a seed in your thoughts about what you love in your life? You will find reasons to wake up, as your body will get another vibration. Your mind will be hooked up in the possibilities that open up, not in the momentum of cold mornings, cold showers, cold emotions.

Also, how do you know you have done your best to wake up and to really feel good all day? And when do you give yourself time to answer to this question?

Here are some little tips on how to start your day with the best energy:

  • Start by looking at a picture of your dream lifestyle / a vision board
  • Spend 1 minute standing up and looking at what ALREADY IS in your life as you wanted
  • Listen to your favorite song, mantra or a priming playlist
  • Listen to a guided meditation tailored just for you (ask me about this as I channel personal meditations aligned with your specific goals)
  • Fill up a list of intentions for the day and how it would feel like to receive them
  • Say a prayer for your loved ones, for your community and for your clients
  • Feel a warm shower caressing your body and waking up every cell
  • If it’s for you, follow an exercise routine to bring this gratitude in your muscles

On the long term:

  • Getting exercise done on a constant basis allows you to realease the energy stuck in the cells. It brings relaxation and it cultivates the kind of force you need to feel supported on your mission. It releases the hormones for happiness and satisfaction and brings you overall balance.
  • Daily meditation allows you to open up receptors for peace and calm. You will feel more focused, less depressed, less impulsive..

It is scientifically proved that both movement and meditation have benefits in terms of longevity, cell regeneration and literally building A NEW YOU. And we all know that treatment without prevention is not sustainable.


In addition to that, if you are late for appointments or you always rush to get things done, it’s not a time problem, it’s an energy problem. By cultivating health in your body, peace of mind and a strong „WHY”, you get energy from the vision of the loving lifestyle that unfolds in you. These repeated activities give you the best SUPER POWER: to PUT YOURSELF IN THE BEST STATE to work from, to get inspired and to start your day.

Every day is an emotional journey and you are free to organize it and give it the meaning that brings you happiness. You have the full capacity and you are supported. I am also here for you if you want to chat.. even early in the mornings 😊


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