DYS is Inspiration – Creating a writer’s flow
February 16, 2018 @ 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm Europe/Bucharest Timezone
ILO View

Do you have a project that involves connecting to your writing abilities?

Would you like to know how to express your creativity, create a discursive and creative text from the flow of awe?
What about learning a simple manner of letting go of expectations and replacing it with the joy of experiencing the inspiration through you?
This event shows you that being in the present moment is the best muse for you.

This event allows you to dial in to your higher self and train yourself to live in synchronicity.

Choosing to initiate a relationship or a project is maybe the best thing you can do for your life balance. But the journey from a thought, a decision of the mind, to the implementation in the body, in the daily actions, requires energy, determination and conscious choices. It involves energies of initiation and sometimes rebirth, as it’s the completion of one cycle and the start of another.

To do this, we need to first change our energy, because when we change our energy, we change our lives.

This one day event is a dynamic meditation in which you get very deeply connected to your idea, to your higher self and to the city. Magically you start to receive signs from other people, from the architecture, weather, streets, nature as if angels whisper you exactly what VALUES and BELIEFS need to be integrated to support you and make your idea a reality that comes effortlessly to you.

Transform a one day trip to the mountains in Romania into a journey into the field of inspiration.

What to wait for:

  • Learning to be more present
  • Connecting to you senses and receiving energetic information
  • The aspects that lead to the clarity of intent
  • Connecting to your writing skills
  • How to use intention as a manifestation tool and as a daily practice
  • Intent is quicker than thought – you will feel highly interconnected and grounded at the same time, while wrapping up your practical plan
  • How to observe, feel guided and detach from the information you get
  • Learn how to get your goals done by energeticaly atunning to them
  • Experiential understanding, rather than intelectual. Integration happens instantly
  • How to celebrate and honor your work (we will join a party in the evening to integrate all the lessons with fun)

I will personally guide you, we’ll do meditations and you’ll have a notebook to fill in some questions and details in order to obtain a minimum viable project by the end of the day.

This event is for a group of maximum 4 people, so book your spot now to make sure you’re in!

Train your focus in a conscious, beautiful way to build this link and permanently receive guiding inspiration and fulfill your dreams!

If you want to develop your writing skills while you anchor your choices to your divine soul mission, this trip is for you!  Receive inspiration from the field on how to manifest your ideas into a creative narrative flow and share your essence with others, as well!

I will join you with joy!!