Ghidaj. Un cuvant abstract, ce iti da curaj, lipsa sa iti da sevraj si este mereu bun intr-un anumit dozaj. Obisnuiesc din adolescenta sa las sa ma obsedeze un anumit

What the B.I.P. do you want?   What are you? Are you a trend setter or do you follow the trends?   Every day we are pulled by the collective

LUPTA DINTRE BINE SI RAU (partea I) (Pentru cei cu character demonstrativ.. si nu numai)   In momentul in care cineva vine la mine pentru o terapie, de cele mai

The Emotional Journey of creating a meditation

Deciding to record your first guided meditation is as powerful as deciding to set up a new business. It challenges you to step up, speak up, discover your clients’ deepest

Captain OBVIOUS strikes again!

What if the universe gives us ALL WE NEED IN A VERY OBVIOUS WAY ??!?! About INSPIRATION and 9 virtues that I literally got to shake hands with in the first

Why mornings are about THE PAST?

„I have never been a morning person”, I used to say to all those who had the relentless hopeless job of waking me up in the morning. Parents, friends, clocks,

Wealth – is it really inside of you?  From sex cells to success

              I choose to begin with thanking you for being so brave. So brave to live in this world and so brave to choose to redefine your beliefs about wealth.

What is DYS about?

Have you noticed how most of the times when you decide to know yourself better in a context you discover first who you are not, what you do not like

What is the ThetaHealing® technique?

The ThetaHealing meditation technique was created by Vianna Stibal in 1995 during her own personal journey back to health. Her original book details her personal healing journey and her connection