DYS is co-creation
April 4, 2018 – April 8, 2018 all-day Europe/Bucharest Timezone
ILO View - Busteni HUB
Andreea Vasile
+40 722 372 111

We all want to live more consciously and have fun while following our call. But we often find ourselves triggered and full of all kind of emotions that don’t allow us to give as much as we can.

This is for you If you want to grow your competence and confidence in what it means to co-create next to others.

The way this program aims to help you is through learning to co-create on the go and build up an experience to serve people. It’s about knowing yourself better and building a strong foundation of contribution and trust within.

“This is co-creation” is a 5 days program that allows anyone who is in the position of authentically serving or coaching other people to improve the quality of the experience they are delivering. It is a journey to overcome the mind blocks that come from the survival archetypes within.

Connecting with each other and with the spirit of the nature, the environment, the city, you learn to listen and feel Guided and Supported. From this space of inspiration you share your inner experiences with your partners in co-creation and feel the beauty and freedom that shines from your courage and authenticity.

I am calling on 6 amazing souls who want to create this experience together. At the end of the  program you will learn to take action while feeling guided by the strong connection with ourselves, with each other and with the nature.

Join us and discover your own unique ways of tuning in to a common goal, while respecting and nourishing your own process of growth and the group’s mission at the same time.

More about the Program: each day we’ll have physical activities, meditations, coaching each other, delivering short training sessions and various experiential activities. We will choose the purpose of the program together and we’ll choose the activities together while learning to create TOGETHER a journey of learning and communicating assertively.

Location: Busteni, Romania

Set in the Romanian mountain paradise and next to a very powerful energetic point, our private villa is meant to provide the best context to train each other for this journey of giving and co creating.

Price: 480£

Daily agenda

First day – Cocreating the program

Getting to know each other and learning how to allow synchronicity in our life. Choosing a personal goal to manifest and one from the group. Learning to work with intention and creating together the program. Basic skills of training, facilitating and creating a group experience. Understanding the nature of the collective consciousness and the concept of The higher good.

Second day – Virtue quest

Tapping into your own connection with nature, asking for inspiration and learning how to see the signs. Rediscovering how to give and how to serve others while knowing how to recognise the guidance of how to do that in the highest and best way.

Discover in what way you can contribute to create awareness in other people s life. Gaining confidence and trust in the process. Overcome patterns of control and survival.

Learning virtues as a lifestyle.

Third day – Designing an experience – experience

Understanding concepts of hero’s journey build on pillars of awareness, alignment, action and assessment. Working with the law of attraction and staying in the receptive mode. How to be creative, responsible, adaptable, decisive and supportive in an authentic way.

Discovering and stepping out of the manipulation or non-authentic mode.

Creating from a space of love.

Forth day – Delivering our message and staying in peak state

Learning to create a space of love from which you can serve unconditionally.

Moving from co-dependence to independence and interdependence.

Key points of the day: Communication, best leverage feedback, tools of manifesting.

Each of us delivers a part of the program to the other participants in an experiential activity that we have started to create on the second day. All the sequences are put together so that they all form a journey of transformation for the group, while feeling the impact of serving others with our own.

Fifth day – Focus on the present moment

Accepting the super power of redesigning your perception of life so that it always empowers the lifestyle you desire.

How to life in the flow and how to implement habits that get this synchronicity in your daily actions. Also, having fun all the time and clearing beliefs that block you from being balanced.

Finally, it’s about owning the identity of being a conscious creator.


This is for you if you are..

  • an entrepreneur that wants to involve the team into raising the quality of the interation with the clients or develop new products and services
  • a trainer that wants to gain more confidence in what it means to deliver and handle any situations on spot
  • a public speaker who wants more focus and interaction with the public
  • a light worker who wants to gain competence in what it means to handle groups
  • a person that wants to develop more confidence, intuition and trust in the relationship with others
  • A conscious and loving coach

You will benefit of two personal mentoring sessions with me. One will be before the program in order to get more clarity on personal goals for the session and another one afterwards, in order to help you tailor your message in a way you can deliver it with impact.

The ultimate message of this training is that life brings us the lifestyle that we believe we deserve, not the one that we desire. And we truly deserve to be successful, happy and fulfilled all the time.

Other details:

  • You will get accommodation and food
  • Participant manual
  • Transport is not included

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