What is DYS about?
Have you noticed how most of the times when you decide to know yourself better in a context you discover first who you are not, what you do not like …and by contrast you know what you actually like?
For example, I don’t like coffee too bitter, so I put some milk in it. But milk is not so good for my body and I get inspired by my vegan friends replace it with almond milk and so on. Taste is subjective, but so is lifestyle. I studied finance and law, I liked it, but I got kind of lonely spending hours only me with the numbers and doing company diagnostics so… I started working with people more, I learnt coaching, psychology, project management, organizing events. It was only when I CHOSE TO DO WHAT I MOST ENJOYED DOING from all those experiences that I started my coaching practice and I felt my body tingle from the enjoyment of who I am.
I started doing entrepreneurial mindset coaching, connecting the dots between the vision and the systems that need to be in place and ONLY WHILE DOING IT I found out that this is actually my thing! This is how I love to spend my time most and people say I am good at. It took me a while, but I believe all the different brick lanes that I have stepped on consolidated my path and who I am now.
I believe that life is not so much about finding out who we are, but about deciding who we are, creating ourselves. As, if we want to know who we really are, we can get to a conclusion that WE ARE ALL THAT IS. Literally. And abstract, I know. And I am also aware that we are influenced by our genes and it’s so empowering to learn about that, too.
But the most important truth that I found is that LIFE IS ABOUT CHOOSING WHAT YOU WANT TO EXPRESS from all this creation and designing the SYSTEMS that allow you to. Start telling yourself and the world about what you like, what you deserve and what you choose to experience now. Decide in what way you want to help more people and trust that it leads you to happiness, fulfillment and joy.
This is why I created DESIGN YOUR SHIP, a movement that encourages creative minds to live more in this inspiration, in the present, and take action while owning your unique style, while being who you CHOOSE to be. That means you are not only the captain of your ‘ship’, but also the crew, the ship, the board of commands, even the lighthouse… and the journey itself!
The motto is FOCUS ON THE JOURNEY! Because you can always find reasons to complain why this doesn’t work for you or excuses such as you don’t have enough energy or free time, your dream is too big or your parents or kids don’t understand you….there will always be…let’s call it CONTRAST, and maybe some drama, too. But, as long as you focus on the journey, on seeing around you more of what you love, you will UNDERSTAND and FEEL more and more that the solutions are on the way. When you are devoted to your journey your relationships improve, resources start coming your way and you find happiness around you.
When I started my entrepreneurial journey I was completely overwhelmed. I thought that if I know everything about company, finance, laws, accounting, and I do have 7 years of experience in that, it will be easy. But the entrepreneurial journey and ANY JOURNEY towards making one big dream happen is actually an emotional journey. Yes, we do need knowledge and skills and I believe the strong business background is my ‘unfair’ advantage, but it is not enough. I needed to grow my self-awareness to a level where I live in harmony whatever happens, no matter what process of the company loses balance for a period and trust that I CAN DO IT!
I began to have more faith in the unknown and witness that these times are only signs to realign the vision of the company to my mission. As long as I keep my focus on the journey, things come effortlessly. This is the reality that I share now with my friends and clients and I wish everyone steps in this world of synchronicity and allow abundance to come in their life!
I wish you all find inspiration inside and around you and I am here to help you with coaching, mentoring, healing and strategies to align yourselves with your true potential!
Design your ship with love!

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