The Emotional Journey of creating a meditation

Deciding to record your first guided meditation is as powerful as deciding to set up a new business.

It challenges you to step up, speak up, discover your clients’ deepest needs and expectations, set new standards and serve them from your heart. Even if I have previously guided other hundreds successful 1:1 meditations, this one represented overcoming a visibility block and completely stepping into my confidence as a leader in the area I most like.

It’s about taking 100% responsibility of content, flow and immersion, as you are dropping in beliefs in other people’s minds. This morning meditation technique helped me transform my life from anxiety to embracing the full identity of being a conscious creator and I deeply wanted to spread it and help others, as well.

In this process I became the meditation.

After making the decision that your energy is worthy to inspire others, the process of recording is a very powerful emotional journey! As any roads to mastery, if you don’t have a great mentor, you risk creating a material that goes in the folder with hundreds of other meditations.

When I got into their studio in London, Adie and Anna-Christina created a space of deep trust and support that helped me honour my decision and eliminate any doubts.
I was so emotional and even my English was shaking, but their kindness and professionalism allowed me to connect to my inner voice and get me in the right energy to speak up.
They gave me many tips concerning the tone of my voice, rhythm, structure and encouraged me with a lot of love and patience. I connected with a higher vibration and the words just flowed from me, into the mic.

The result: without a script, I channeled a morning meditation using an energy healing technique, loads of affirmations for the subconscious mind, including law of attraction and state inducing techniques. It’s all about welcoming GRATITUDE, JOY and PROSPERITY into your daily life.

I am very aware of the power of music in programming the mind and this is the main reason why I chose their studio.
The work they did AFTER the recording is mind blowing! They accompanied my voice with powerful trance inducing sounds, emphasized certain power moments and playfully gave life to my words. They composed a wonderful piece of music that, after many months, still moves me to tears when I listen to it.

Actually, it’s not only music, Adie and Anna-Christina managed to create an incredible experience from my guided meditation.
It’s a 20 minutes symphony and it deeply connects the listener to clear emotions induced with the purpose of manifesting their desires.
You can find them here: and

I offer the meditation for free to the clients I am mentoring and soon it’s going to be sold online. My clients say that listening to it everyday for a week is a life changer and the results they got are improving the quality of their daily state (!!!), being more focused and clear on what they want, sleep better and reaching their intentions easier.

Drop me a message if you are interested in buying it (21£) and I am offering it together with a short clarity coaching call, in order to help you get clear on how to manifest using this technique. This offer is available only until the 1st of June, 2018.

The meditation includes 3 tracks and a strategy to connect with your intentions and the emotional state that supports and attracts the manifestation.

These are the 3 tracks:
* The 20 minutes morning meditation: expanding and settings the intentions for the day, together with the matching feelings in your body. Aligning to the love force and impressing the subconscious mind with loads of BELIEFS that create Gratitude, Joy and Prosperity

** Rampage: Reconnecting with your intentions throughout the day through a 2 minutes rampage meditation to keep the flow of empowering emotions

*** An instrumental track that helps you relax and be grateful in an evening meditation and welcomes the brain to remember the programming from the morning (the music from the meditation)

To sum up, the process of recording a meditation was a transformational journey even for me. I am so grateful for having chosen the right mentors and kept my confidence up, until the level of competence reached out and merged into a beautiful state of inspiration.

I recommend for those who are experienced in doing meditations and want to take it to the next level, using music composition to create art and inspiration.

Gratitude, Joy, Prosperity!


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