What the B.I.P. do you want?
What the B.I.P. do you want?
What are you? Are you a trend setter or do you follow the trends?
Every day we are pulled by the collective waves of consciousness into the modern trends of society. These are energetic waves that generate movements, which sustain our reality.
These trends are the forces that influence our behaviors and choices, such as: technology, travel, stock markets, digital currency, job titles (status), fashion, mass media, state enhancement drugs, nutrition, alternative education, real estate, etc.
Most of us are motivated by competition and are in constant search for a new high. This leads us to set motion to such trends, that are one of the means of measuring our collective evolution.
Because we live in duality, we are either pulled by the collective wave towards the new trends, or we move against the flow and resist the wave.
The ones who resist the wave have a strong need of being special, significant, or better than others. They create circumstances in their daily life where they prove themselves that the wave is wrong, and they are right. People who usually fight the wave nurture the emotion of anger. Usually, this emotion is created in childhood and covers a very deep wound of being misunderstood, rejected or denied. So, they tend to project judgement upon situations, trends or people who choose to be part of a certain collective.
>>>> They subconsciously choose separation in order to be safe from judgement and pain.
People who follow all the trends without discernment and awareness of their divine purpose search for acceptance, importance and have a strong need of belonging. They choose the collective wave to avoid separation. These people might wake up one day feeling a deep loneliness and a tremendous guilt of not doing or being enough. They realize they don’t know who they are, as they have identified themselves with the wave of the collective, forgetting about their own individual needs.
>>>> They subconsciously choose to live in co-dependency and a false sense of belonging.
People who don’t follow the trend, but they follow their life purpose, are in acceptance of who they are. They know the difference between their needs and the needs of the collective. These people choose to co-create their reality through the collective. They are following and fulfilling their own needs through communication, connection and discernment.
>>>>They subconsciously choose not to be in separation.
Both categories, those who follow the waves and those who resist it, are searching for who they are and why they are here. The overall human deepest longings are to find the identity of self, belonging and purpose.
For this reason, we created The Art of Moving Onward, a movement that guides you towards your B.I.P. It’s a “formula” that helps you discover, define and live your divine life purpose. This unique method allows every individual to access the power of choice.
So… What is this B.I.P.?
Body – As we experience life in physicality, the first step is to understand the needs of the physical and emotional bodies. By developing a sense of belonging into the human body and into this world, we create safety, security and clarity!
Identity – How do you identify yourself in the world? What makes you unique? Discover your unique signature vibration of your being!
Purpose – Why are we here? Why do we have some abilities more enhanced than others? Learn how to use these special traits you have been given to become the best version of yourself!
Your body, your identity and your purpose are the main elements of your energetic signature. Your Divine Life Purpose is actually the vibration / the energetic signature that you bring into this world through the physical body. It’s not a mantra that reminds you to live your life purpose! It’s a feeling that you embody through an unique experience that teaches you how to create that state every day!
This is the key to unlock the gifts that are kept in your unconscious mind, gifts that help you manifest the divinity into this world. How would your daily life look like if you knew how to use this key?
We invite you to collect this “key” from The Art of Moving Onward one-day events.
So, what can you create for yourself by living your divine life purpose? If you feel that you are ready, say YES to our invitation on the 31st of August 2019, in London!
With love and light,
Camelia and Andreea
THE ART OF MOVING ONWARD is a project created by Camelia Miza and Andreea Vasile, founder of DYS. This initiative offers deep healing workshops for healers in London, who want to advance in their expansion technique. You are welcome even if you are not a professional healer, as you feel guided by your intuition to give yourself a powerful upgrade.

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